Why Juco QB Signing Is Important For UND Football

The UND football program added quarterback Andrew Zimmerman on Monday to solidify a position with a cloudy future beyond senior-to-be Keaton Studsrud.

Not only was Zimmerman’s signing important for after Studsrud’s career is over, but it’s important to point out how long it has been since a UND quarterback started every game in a season.

The last time a UND quarterback started every game in a season was 2009 when Jake Landry started all 11 games.

In 2016, Keaton Studsrud started 11 and Ryan Bartels came in for one (a win at Northern Colorado).

In 2015, Studsrud started eight games and Bartels started three.

In 2014, Joe Mollberg started eight games and Studsrud started four (after pulling his redshirt).

In 2013, Mollberg had seven starts and Bartels had four.

In 2012, North Carolina transfer Braden Hanson started six games and Marcus Hendrickson started five after Hanson was injured.

In 2011, Joey Bradley made seven starts and Goska had four.

In 2010, Landry made seven starts, Goska had four and Hendrickson one.

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